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Saturday's Offer – $75 Off Any Garage Door Repair

Saturday's Offer – $75 Off Any Garage Door Repair

Saturday's Offer – $75 Off Any Garage Door Repair


Customer Service is Our #1 Priority

Why Choose All-in-One Garage Door Repair of Columbus?



The Garage Door Repair Service of Columbus is a place that you can find quality work from highly trained and certified men and women. Our number one priority is to make you completely satisfied. They will have a welcoming attitude and a caring spirit to make sure all of your Columbus garage door needs are taken care of in a great way.

Why Do You Need A Professional?

You need a professional for your repairs because their are many things that could go wrong with your garage door. If you got a misdiagnosis of what the actual problem is. Than it could cost you a lot of money to fix. Our Professionals are highly trained to go in and fix your garage door fast, and efficiently.

We have trained technicians that can fix your garage door. You call us, we will send someone out to locate the problem of the garage door. Then once you give us the ok to start repairing, our crew will fix your garage door as quickly as possible.

We Have Certified Technicians

The members on our team go through a certification process. When they leave our hands they are highly trained individuals. They also go through on the job training to make sure they learn from the best.

The training that our crew recieves is from our best instructors. We make sure that they are skilled in each situation possible for repairing your garage door. When they are called out on a job we can guarantee they will arrive with not just tool knowledge but also head knowledge.

Standards For The Company

If you are inquiring about our standards we can insure you that we have high standards for a company. We try to excel with our standards by giving you the best customer service. We train our employees on how to fix your garage door, but we also train them to listen and adhere to your concerns and give you the best customer care.

We care about your problems as if they were our own. That is why we believe we train the best team possible to help you. We take pride in knowing that we can give you answers, fix your problems and make you happy.

Common Garage Door Repairs

Being a large company in the city of Columbus we service many garage doors each week. We would love to help you get your garage door repairs fixed fast. Some of the common garage door services we repair are:

  • Problem with broken cables
  • Loose springs
  • Remote control or wall mount won't respond
  • Garage door makes a un-normally loud sound
  • Garage door moves off mounting track
  • Plus more…

Don't let your garage door repairs get you down. We are only a phone call away and we will gladly send out one of our highly trained crew members.

We Provide Services For your Home Or Business

If you own a business or just need services done in your home you have come to the rite place. Do not hesitate to call us if your building or garage door equipment may be slightly older. Our team is able and equipped to handle these repairs.

For our business owners if you cant fit us in during regular business hours we can come during after hours. If our team is needed during your business hours they will arrive in uniform and acting in a professional manner. Our company will work around around your busy schedule to help get your garage door or equipment up and running again.

The Major Repairs

We know that all repairs will not always be minor ones. Some of the repairs may be extremely complicated and even dangerous to attempt. For example replacing a whole new garage door or spring is better left to the professionals rather than attempting to replace yourself.

Our team is trained to handle the major problems,just like they handle the minor problems and that is with skill and knowledge. No matter how old your equipment may be our crew will be able to assist you. When you are in need of those major repairs call us and our crew will know what to do.

Installing New Equipment and Doors

If you are in need of new parts and equipment we have the very best equipment for you. Our company has a license to purchase from every brand name manufacture for all your equipment needs.If you have just one small part that is broken we will have top market equipment to replace it with. Some of our top brands are:

  • Raynor
  • Linear
  • Sears
  • Genie
  • Holmes
  • And many more…

Whatever brand you need we can order it for you. Our crew has been trained to work on any type of part or brand.

Our crew would be happy to discuss with you today about any problem you have encountered. They can come out and help solve the problem and get your garage fixed in the same day.

Do We Store Our Inventory?

Our large company provides a warehouse fully stocked with equipment and parts as well as garage doors. We have a department that just helps with ordering parts, and you can call them at any time. If you have purchased a special part we will get that part to you as soon as possible.

Once you place your order, our technician will fully stock their vehicle with the parts you need before they make their stop to your residence. Our team has full access to the warehouse. If our technician finds that they needs to order a special part they will be back to install it just as soon as it arrives.

We Know Emergencies Happen

We know a garage door is a very important matter when it is not functioning properly. With our 24/7 hour service we are able to assist you at any hour of the day to get your garage door running. Our Team is here for you no matter what time it is to help you with those minor and major repairs.

The Garage Door Repair Services Of Columbus is always on call for you. We are here when you need us no matter the hour or what type of service you may need. We have you covered, after calling our team to determine the solution they will contact a crew member and they can get your garage door fixed in the same night.

Did You Know There's No Waiting For Services?

If you need your garage door fixed today we can send a technician out. Once we find out the repairs you need we will then send a service member out to get your garage fixed in the same day. We strive for perfection and excellence and when we serve you here are some thing you will see:

  • Professional appearance
  • Friendly customer service
  • Highly qualified technicians
  • We are here to help 24/7
  • Old equipment is no problem
  • We use top brands
  • And many more…

Whatever your problem may be, we want you to know so we can make sure we get your door running as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

We Are Happy To Serve You, Call Us Today

The Garage Door Repair Services Of Columbus is here wanting to help you with all of your needs today. We can get one of our highly trained technicians out to fix and repair your equipment. We know that having garage door repairs is not convenient. Our team can come out at your convenience today and get the job done.

Call us today and one of our great customer service team will be there to answer the phone and get you the answers you need for your repairs.

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What people are saying about us:

They did an excellent job replacing our garage door.  We are very satisfied with the craftsmanship and feel comfortable recommending them to friends.

-Brian B


Fantastic....... Called and they were out fast. Great repairs at a very good price.

-Bill H


Eric was great! I called him and he was at my house within an hr and checked out the garage door ASAP and fixed it as well. Never had such great customer service before. Would definitely recommend friends and family. Thank you Eric for great customer service.

-Tanvi V


Edward did a great job installing our new system. He was very knowledgeable and professional.

-Justin F


Very professional and knowledgeable!  They got my door back on its track and installed a new keypad!A++++ for Homeowners!!!

-Sonya W


Very professional installations. All the hardware was installed securely and perfectly aligned. On time arrival. Same day appointments. I went with the unit they recommended instead of my lowes model since they offered a warranty for the unit.

-Jose T


Although I had issues with the company but Kalya handled it very efficiently and professionally. She worked with me at every step to ensure my needs were being met. I have been very happy with the overall process and the services provided were great and very efficiently.

-Abhinav P


This was a terrific experience. As a consumer I felt secure and was given 3 options to repair my garage door. Lasaad was knowledgeable and worked efficiently. I highly recommend this company and it's employees.

-Linda G


I have had two unrelated problems recently and received same day service and quality work each time.  Both technicians were also very nice and personable.

-Peter H


They were awesome!  They came out the same day we called and Cody was great!!! Cudos for the timely and professional service!

-Tina M

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